million gallons of Drinking Water


million gallons of Reclaimed Water

Drinking Water

MMD treats and delivers potable drinking water that meets all federal and State drinking water regulations. Water professionals continuously staff and monitor the water system to meet our commitment of providing safe and clean drinking water to your home or business.


The Meridian Metropolitan District provides irrigation services for a variety of purposes within its service area. This system is considered highly efficient and sustainable in its design. The irrigation system utilizes the District’s wastewater as its main source of water. Treated water leaves the wastewater plant, is held in a 486 acre-feet reservoir, and is then recycled directly into the irrigation supply lines to water parks, golf courses, commercial properties, and other common areas. This environmentally responsible recycle strategy provides a sustainable source of irrigation water for Meridian Metropolitan District and is the backbone of our conservation strategy.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment takes on a whole new meaning at the Meridian Metropolitan District. After our wastewater has been treated, it is returned back to Meridian Metro District Irrigation system. This design insures that not only is our wastewater treated to the highest quality standards, it is then used to water parks, golf courses, and other outdoor landscaping. As a result, we recycle 100% of our water. This represents a nationally recognized sustainable conservation strategy.