Take a Spin around Meridian!

On November 1, 2021, the Meridian Metropolitan District added a fleet of electric scooters and e-bikes at various locations around Meridian.  We encourage you to try them out!  Head to pick up lunch or commute from the Light Rail Station to your office.

Simply download the Spin app on your mobile phone and then scan the QR code.  This rides on us! For the time being, the Meridian Metropolitan District is picking up the mileage cost of your ride!  Simply pay the $1.00 to start (plus tax) and we will take care of the rest.

Once you have arrived at your destination, simply visit the app, click End Ride and submit a photo of where you safely parked the scooter or bike.

Be sure to be safe, follow all rules of the road and have fun!  Note the boundaries for the e-equipment is within Meridian.

Stay tuned for the official launch of “Spin in Meridian” in the spring of 2022!

You can order a free helmet from Spin
(just pay shipping)!
Click here to order yours!


  1. Download the app
  2. Creat an account
  3. Add payment
  4. Scan a scooter QR code
  5. Start your ride!

Spin Fleet on San Luis Street across from pedestrian bridge.


Stars = Spin Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations
= Meridian Boundary
Red = No Ride Area
Brown = No Ride Area

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